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G'Day and Welcome to my Gallery website.

I'm passionate about Story. It is, I think, the root of all Art that stands the test of time. It's the route culture travels to bring us a sense of community, of belonging. The Story of Australia is the one that most engages and inspires me. So, for the past thirty years, I've been presenting my vision of a legendary time and the people who inhabit the land of 'Waltzing Matilda.'

My aim is to entertain while I share the knowledge gained in a 35-year career as an artist, writer and gallery owner-director.

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  • Australia is a welcoming place, open to new folk-ways and life-styles. Yet I think we modern-day Aussies often let slip the legacy of our pioneers.

We lose sight of our own weird and wonderful character as it is expressed in our un-official Anthem. So, for the past thirty years, I've been presenting my vision of that enduring legacy: the legendary time and its peoplewho inhabit the land of 'Waltzing Matilda.' You'll see my interpretations of these characters and many more as you browse through my galleries. I hope you'll enjoy them.

artist-author Dorothy Gauvin

Thank you for visiting.

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If you are a painter with Arthritis, do you worry it means giving up Art?

As someone who has lived with the tedious roller-coaster of remission-and- relapse since my youth, I can tell you there is no magic pill or snake oil or wonder juice that will 'make it go away.'

What I can offer you is information on how to make your own version of the Tools for Painters with Arthritis that helped me to continue for 35 years. (You'll see an example of one in the picture at the bottom left.)
You can see all my TOOLS for Painters with Arthritis and learn how to make them at home. Also, you can read my
Practical Tips on How to Live with Arthritis
One good thing about having a Virtual Gallery is that now I can show you some of my paintings that 'live' in public places far away from here, and in private homes and boardrooms around the world.
Some were commissioned as Portraits of some fascinating folk who have become successful or even famous in their particular fields. You'll see an example at third left, and if you wish, you can stroll through my GALLERY OF PORTRAITS.

You might like to see some detailed sections of my paintings in Features

NEWS! An original oil painting from The Painted Swagman series has become available for private resale. See details Gentleman Jim and the Larrikins

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