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 Whenever I have time away from the easel, I enjoy sharing what I've learned about painting in my ArtLife articles for Beginners, Professionals, and Collectors

What is good art and can seeing it help you paint original, new art? 

Like everyone else, as you begin your life as an artist, you 'don't know much about Art but you know what you like.' Sure, the old sayings get that way because they hold a truth.

 Painting is Easy – Everyone Knows How it Should Look – Until They Try Doing it.

Few will ever try painting a horse or a sunset. Yet they'll know your painting is 'wrong.'   How can you get the knowledge needed when...


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The Colour Wheel - Best Ever Tool for Artists

You'll never have another failure caused by a poor colour scheme. Copy the Colour Wheel

  Gallery Monsters - You wouldn't do this,would you?

A cautionary tale about the way some people behave in art galleries.

Genius - Three Ways to Be One
We are often told that anyone can achieve success. If you want it enough. If you try hard enough. If you have the talent. Yet many talented and dedicated people never achieve Fame or Fortune in their chosen field. What makes one person a recognised genius and another an also-ran? We know the genius must possess two things. I think there is a third.

Getting Hung - How to Get Your Artwork Shown
Making art is not a business. But making a living from your art depends upon the business of showing it to sell it. The options for getting your work shown fall into four main categories.

The Interview - What Impresses a Gallery Director?

It's hard to go past the old one: 'You never get a second chance to make a first impression.' Private galleries have to make a profit to stay in business. A new artist who presents in a business-like way is halfway towards being accepted into the gallery's 'Stable.'

How to Make Gray and Brown Paint Using Primary Colors
Red, Blue, Yellow - the three Primaries vibrate with colour in our minds even as we read their names. But did you know that the Neutrals - Gray and Brown can be made by mixing Primaries? There's just one big Trick to it: you might end up with Mud! Here's how to avoid that.

  Pricing Artwork - How to know what it's worth

It's been famously said 'An artist's reputation is only as big as his price tag'

Memorable Art - How to make it

Even professional artists sometimes run out of ideas and are faced with the same question. The answer is what I call  The Power of a Series and it comes in three forms...

Being Homogenous - Your own style

 In a globalised world, identity is more important than ever before, to all of us.

The Painted Portrait - What's So Hard About It?

Most people tend to answer: 'Getting the likeness.' The real challenge is to convey the Character of the person you're painting.

An Easy Way To Good Composition - Using 'The Star'

Did you ever look at a painting half-completed on your easel and think: Something's wrong! But try as you will, you cannot figure out what that something is...

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