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3 Profitable Reasons for You to Plan the Sizes of Your Paintings

Big Ben

'Big Ben' - London

Size always matters. People are predisposed to be impressed by size. 'Big is good.' It follows, bigger must be better. Maybe not...   

This perception of bigness led to super-sizing of everything from hamburgers to hotels, milkshakes to monuments. It attracts more att…

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You Get Asked to Paint a Portrait – What Should You Do Next?

most famous portrait painting

Congratulations!  To earn this client's confidence, you must've 'paid your dues' as an artist. So, this article won't discuss style or technique.

Instead, let's consider your next steps.

Though you may go on to make a career in portraiture, the first commission never comes again. Savour…

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George Washington - How Truthful are His Painted Portraits?

George Washington image

Why commission an artist to paint your portrait? If, like Washington, the camera does not lie, why not have a photograph taken instead?

George Washington figures in the tale of a cherry tree and a little boy with a new tomahawk. The fable illustrates the virtue of truthfulness. By naming the …

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One of the 3 Faces of Love in Famous Paintings Features on Valentine's Day

Valentine kisses in lipstick


Love, as a subject for artists, remains as popular today as in ages past. Variations include two forms you seldom see in visual art...

Art agrees with philosophy on the 3 major forms of love, named by the Ancient Greeks.

1. Agape: selfless love of your life partner or your family.

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This is the Most Enduring Inspiration to Keep You Painting

Australia is a young nation

Wherever your Homeland, your country's National Day kindles patriotic emotions. Artists in every place and era express these feelings in painting, music and poetry.

Patriotism means a simple, heartfelt appreciation of Homeland. It's a mindset distinct from jingoism: that extreme bias against anyo…

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The 3 Most Effective Ways to Get Your Painting Sessions Started

The 3 Most Effective Ways to Get Your Painting Sessions Started 

 It's a fair bet: if you're reading this, you're a serious amateur, passionate to become a professional artist. A session plan will get you started.

1.Set a time limit for your session.

  • Your plan begins with a calendar, marking …

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How to Deal with the Boring Bits

Not the best  wayYou can trick yourself into getting on with the boring bits of the painting you're stuck on. Make all of it worthy of showing to your public.

Making art is never so glamorous in real life as movie-makers present. Your studio equipment hardly includes a film editor to air-brush out all the palette-s…

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7 Truthful Tips to Help You Decide on Your Own Painting Style

knowledge passes through timeToday's Art news is clogged with debate on digital painting. People question whether painters using digital devices are making 'real' Art.

This debate takes up where calls to ditch Traditional for Abstract styles left off. What's changed is the advent of newer technology for digital painters.

Your …

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A Love Story to Make You a better Artist?

deep purple Bouganvillea

A Love Story to Make You a better Artist?

Like the lover who stays loyal, long after passion is spent,

colour clasps the painter in an endless embrace of eternal fascination.

Colour surrounds us in the modern world to an extent unthinkable in centuries past.

Artificial dyes resulted from exp…

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Beginner Painters Can See Indoor Rainbows

bowl of flowers in cadmium yellow colour

Every morning, as I sit at the kitchen breakfast bar, eating my cereal, I watch the rising Sun cast a beam of light into the room opposite. On the table sits a crystal vase, always filled with flowers from our garden. This vase is shaped with three bulging curves down each side. Light penetrates t…

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