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Blog posts February 2012

You can Gain Creative Freedom by setting yourself Limits.

Creative freedom comes with setting yourself some limits. Does that sound contradictory to you? Well, let me explain what I mean. Because my experience of this powerful 'secret' has proven successful,…

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Avoid Danger with Black and Make Magic with four Extra Pigments in your Paintings

When I first set out to get my training, representational painting was out of style among the art educators of this country. In fact, one lecturer stated that the true history of painting began in New…

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How to gain control over the colours that can wreck your paintings and make magic with four other...

One advantage of the simple palette is the development of colour mixtures as unique to you as your handwriting. A second, and most useful one, is gaining control over those pigments that are notorious…

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How to Go Beyond the Rainbow using Colour Mixes

Accurate colour mixing is like baking a cake. It is as simple, and as precise, as that. You need a list of ingredients and a recipe, or method, to follow. After that, it's just a science anyone can le…

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