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Blog posts November 2013

The worst part of Painting on Linen

Linen canvas has one infuriating drawback. It bounces! In this regard, it's the worst. So, how to deal with it? Discover an easy DIY fix.

Once you're accustomed to painting on linen, it's impossibl…

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Many New Artists Believe Painting on Linen is Only for the Old Masters.

bouncing ball

In today's world, cheap, quick and easy are bywords. Painting on Linen is seen as too costly and difficult. Find out why you should consider it.The best of the 'Old Masters' painted in oils on linen…

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7 Worst Mistakes New Artists Can Make in the Vital First Gallery Interview

If you want your art seen and you want it sold, your best bet is a private gallery on the high street. Today, you can start preparing for...

Your first interview with a private gallery director. It…

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