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Blog posts September 2014

Your Career in Art – Go with a Gallery or Go it Alone?

my past gallery, Cairns CBD

Are you better off to hand your career over to a gallery or go it alone? The answer has to be both yes and no because it all depends on...

What do you want from an Art career – to make a Name or ma…

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Your Career in Art – 3 Top Notch Techniques

techniques are tools

Showy use of technique catches casual attention. Artistry requires more from you than slick virtuosity. Technical skill is only a tool...

Painting techniques can be learned. All you need is persist…

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Your Career in Art - Which Medium is the Best?


The medium you choose defines you in the view of gallery directors and art collectors. It can make or break your chance to succeed.

Beginner artists often shy away from painting in oils. Like e…

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Your Career in Art – Which Subject is the Best?

Smoko in the Woolshed(c)DorothyGauvin

Gallery directors may suggest a change from the subjects you prefer to paint. Usually, they know best, because they know their buyers but...

You're the artist. The subject matter you choose is said…

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