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Blog posts February 2015

George Washington - How Truthful are His Painted Portraits?

February 15, 2015

George Washington image

Why commission an artist to paint your portrait? If, like Washington, the camera does not lie, why not have a photograph taken instead?

George Washington figures in the tale of a cherry tree and a little boy with a new tomahawk. The fable illustrates the virtue of truthfulness. By naming the …

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One of the 3 Faces of Love in Famous Paintings Features on Valentine's Day

February 13, 2015

Valentine kisses in lipstick


Love, as a subject for artists, remains as popular today as in ages past. Variations include two forms you seldom see in visual art...

Art agrees with philosophy on the 3 major forms of love, named by the Ancient Greeks.

1. Agape: selfless love of your life partner or your family.

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