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3 Profitable Reasons for You to Plan the Sizes of Your Paintings

Big Ben

'Big Ben' - London

Size always matters. People are predisposed to be impressed by size. 'Big is good.' It follows, bigger must be better. Maybe not...   

This perception of bigness led to…

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You Get Asked to Paint a Portrait – What Should You Do Next?

most famous portrait painting

Congratulations!  To earn this client's confidence, you must've 'paid your dues' as an artist. So, this article won't discuss style or technique.

Instead, let's consider your next steps.

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The 3 Most Effective Ways to Get Your Painting Sessions Started

The 3 Most Effective Ways to Get Your Painting Sessions Started 

 It's a fair bet: if you're reading this, you're a serious amateur, passionate to become a professional artist. A session plan will g…

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How to Deal with the Boring Bits

Not the best  wayYou can trick yourself into getting on with the boring bits of the painting you're stuck on. Make all of it worthy of showing to your public.

Making art is never so glamorous in real life as movie-ma…

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7 Truthful Tips to Help You Decide on Your Own Painting Style

knowledge passes through timeToday's Art news is clogged with debate on digital painting. People question whether painters using digital devices are making 'real' Art.

This debate takes up where calls to ditch Traditional for Abst…

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Your Career in Art – The Creative Power of Silence

angels bearing ideas

Art is made in silence and in solitude. If your attention is contantly distracted by people or devices, your creative Muse will go offline.

Upfront, I should clarify what I mean by the word 'Muse.'…

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Your Career in Art – Go with a Gallery or Go it Alone?

my past gallery, Cairns CBD

Are you better off to hand your career over to a gallery or go it alone? The answer has to be both yes and no because it all depends on...

What do you want from an Art career – to make a Name or ma…

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Your Career in Art – 3 Top Notch Techniques

techniques are tools

Showy use of technique catches casual attention. Artistry requires more from you than slick virtuosity. Technical skill is only a tool...

Painting techniques can be learned. All you need is persist…

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Your Career in Art - Which Medium is the Best?


The medium you choose defines you in the view of gallery directors and art collectors. It can make or break your chance to succeed.

Beginner artists often shy away from painting in oils. Like e…

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Your Career in Art – Which Subject is the Best?

Smoko in the Woolshed(c)DorothyGauvin

Gallery directors may suggest a change from the subjects you prefer to paint. Usually, they know best, because they know their buyers but...

You're the artist. The subject matter you choose is said…

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Your Career in Art - Show and Sell

Your Career in Art – Show and Sell
Being professional means getting paid for what you do. If no one sees your artwork,
 it can't earn you an income. How will you get your art shown?

Today's a…

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Learning Your Craft for a Career in Art

'Learning Your Craft for a Career in Art'

The professional world of Art demands a standard of skill before you even get your foot in the door.

How will you develop those skills?

Let's start by li…

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Committing Yourself to a Career in Art


Mona Lisa, Leonardo

One fine day, you put down your brush for the very last time as a hobby painter. You stand, frozen in a moment of revelation, hearing these words in your mind: 'I am an artist.' A lightning stri…

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Plan the 3 Stages of Your Art Career

Art Career Plan

Desire to be a professional artist starts you on a journey with 3 distinct stages. Reaching the destination is easier when you have a map.

As a beginner artist, you're at a crossroad. To stay amatuer…

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How to Bounce Back from Painter's Block

Alternative art formWe've all heard of 'writer's block.' Painters struggle to overcome the same kind of difficulty.

When a painter can't be painting, what can s/he do?
Every artist faces setbacks that bring work to a st…

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Can Serious Art be Made by Sane and Happy Artists?

Art writers often cite the focus on symbols of sex and death in the work of famous artists. It can seem as if you've no chance of making 'great art' unless your paintings or songs or novels are 'dar…

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Can Magical Thinking Make You a Better Artist?

make a wish


Magical thinking features in the best fairytales, films and novels written for children. Painting has properties of magic built in.

Here are some properties of Art you can think of as 'Real Magi…

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7 Worst Mistakes New Artists Can Make in the Vital First Gallery Interview

If you want your art seen and you want it sold, your best bet is a private gallery on the high street. Today, you can start preparing for...

Your first interview with a private gallery director. It…

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Art Collectors – Who are They and What do They Want?

collectors are all different

Art collectors are hard to categorise. Their tastes, selections, motivations and budgets are as varied as those of any other random group of people. The only connection between one art collector and…

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What is good art and can seeing it help you paint original, new art?

Dorothy Gauvin artist,author

Like everyone else, as you begin your life as an artist, you 'don't know much about Art but you know what you like.' Sure, the old sayings get that way because they hold a truth.

So, it follows: t…

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