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Your Career in Art - Show and Sell

Your Career in Art – Show and Sell
Being professional means getting paid for what you do. If no one sees your artwork,
 it can't earn you an income. How will you get your art shown?

Today's artists enjoy unprecedented opportunities to show their work to the public.
Join an online gallery, where membership is offered free or at a small charge. 
Uploading photos of your artwork requires little or no technical skill. Put your 
pictures up for sale on popular online auction and shopping websites such as eBay. 
Get your own page in the various social media sites. Create your own online gallery.
Whichever of these options you choose, any will help to build your profile and may 
earn you some credibility with gallery directors at a later stage. 
  • Two factors need noting.
1.Don't expect to sell anything online, unless at a very low price tag. Serious collectors do not buy online, 
although they may surf art sites, on lookout for upcoming artists.
2.Don't do anything online that could jeopardise your reputation as a serious, emerging artist. Private galleries 
are still your very best bet for building a career. Directors are serious folk.
  • The greatest art career starts with 'baby steps.' To begin getting noticed, also try these methods.  
Enter competitions and art fairs organised by your local council or regional charities. It's a chance to show your
work to a varied audience, among them will be some who can advance your career. 
Community-minded people who sponsor such events are often collectors of art. 
 Directors and staff of private galleries often attend, keeping an eye out for promising new artists they think worth
Keeping your prices low at this early stage is likely to net you same sales. It's a boost to your morale and modesty
does no harm to your future prospects.
  • The most important things to do right now.
Keep working. You need to build up a body of work that will form the portfolio you'll take to your first interview
with a gallery director.  
Keep thinking about what you want your art to 'say' to its viewers. These thoughts will come together as your
philosophy in art-making. The more you think about it, the more natural and true your 'Artist Statement' will be.
Keep healthy. You know the classic routine of adequate rest, exercise, healthy diet, along with a balance of
entertainment and pleasure. 
Keep quiet. By this, I don't mean refrain from sharing your hopes and plans with family and friends. What I do
sincerely advise is to ensure you have a calm space – your studio – in which to paint. You need enough silence – 
free from phone-chat,TV and the Internet, in which to perceive inspirations, form and consolidate your artistic 
This stage will take time. It may take more years than you expect but nothing changes until you begin. Whenever
you falter and stumble on the path to success, remember this truth:
'genius' is only another word for 'persistence.' ©Dorothy Gauvin

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