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'I could never fit Art in with my day job.'

The third most common reason for not becoming the artist you always wanted to be: 'I could never fit Art in with my day job.'

You've seen elephants 'painting' with their trunks and chimpanzees making 'abstract art' by dipping rags in buckets of paint and flinging it at boards. You won't be surprised by the next toddler hailed as a genius artist by the popular media. But you are serious about making art and you know that skill comes only with practice. So the challenge is: how to get that needed practice time into your daily schedule.
Do you think it's possible to dedicate four hours a day to developing your art?

  • Many of the world's greatest artists - painters, writers, composers - work only four hours a day. They say it's the limit for sustained, creative concentration. But they put in those four hours every day. That is the key. Can you make four hours a day to develop your art?


  • If it meant neglecting your kids, your partner, your friends, would you be willing? No, I reckon you'd give that idea the thumbs-down and good for you. But just imagine what you could achieve with the four hours saved by not watching television in the evening!

One Hour_The news can be absorbed better, at your own pace, online or from a newspaper during your lunch break.
One Hour_ All those 'current affairs' and talk shows are little more than gossip, so you could gain at least an hour more by giving them a miss.
Two Hours_The movie can be recorded to be watched at the weekend.

Four Hours saved for your own art!  

You may not be willing to forego your evenings in front of the tube and fair enough. But if you choose passive entertainment by others, instead of finding out what you're capable of achieving through your own talent, then you would be setting yourself up for a lifetime of regret.

Commitment, Constancy, Courage. Three words that look hard and are even harder to live by. Except – they become easier as you practise them, day by day. By setting aside those four hours – at whatever part of the day fits your personal, family, and work routine -  you'll see progress in each painting you attempt.

When you start every day knowing you'll be spending four hours of it being an artist-in-training, something magical begins to happen. You fulfil the routines of the day job with a new calm, a secret joy. Routine stuff loses its  power to  irritate and exhaust you. It becomes a background to your real purpose.

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