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'I never had any proper art training.'

You needn't let that worry you. Many famous names in the history of Art had little or no formal training. Neither had I, at the time I committed to a life as an artist. Here are the three facts you need to know:

1. No amount of training can make you an artist. That comes from within your Self - but you need to acquire the skills that will allow you to make art that connects with its audience.

2. Painting is a craft and you must do your apprenticeship. Unless, that is, your ambition is to make what I call 'linoleum designs.' In that case, you need no more training or knowledge than a monkey dripping colours from a can.

3. The one thing you do not need is a university or art college course that is heavy on Art History but light on practical information. It may fit you to pass exams. It will not teach you how to make art.

  • As in many fields of life, books can be your teachers. Check out the local library and newsagent to find books and print magazines for artists. Search the Net for artist e-zines and websites that offer tips and advice.If you do have access to a good Teacher - treasure him or her forever!
  • But don't let your respect and affection for that teacher keep you from leaving when you know you've absorbed all you can. That's when your real work begins.
  • Respect for your teachers will cause you to paint just the way they do, while you remain their student. It's just inevitable. Your job now is to discover how you want to paint. So now your biggest need is to get Teacher out of your head.

The world is over-supplied with people who like to paint and are good at making pictures to fit whatever is the current fashion. What the world needs is your unique take on subject matter and manner of presenting it. That begs the question we'll be looking at next week:

How can I come up with my own Style in Art?

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