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How to Make Time for Your Art

If the Greeks have a word for everything, the French will have a phrase for it. Here's one I know to be true:

 'The More Things Change, the More they Stay the Same.'

After 35 years as a professional artist, I still hear the same sad stories of regret from people who tell me: 'I always wanted to be an artist, but...'
So, I'm going to open my first post on  the ArtLife blog with the blindingly simple changes of habit that helped me to get started. I hope they'll be of use to you.

People give 5 main reasons for not following their dream to be a professional artist. The commonest is:

'I could never find the time.'

Well, hello! Time isn't something that gets 'lost' - swept under the bed or shoved in a closet and  forgotten – just waiting for you to 'find' it.

Time is something you have to make. Does that sound crazy? You may think so, if you figure there are  only so many hours in the day and they are all taken up.

Yet, how much time do we waste, just looking for things? A few simple changes can net you extra hours - for making your Art.

Don't get me wrong - I wasn't born knowing this stuff. In fact, I was a world champ at being dizzy and disorganised. Until I decided to get serious about becoming an artist.

Now, this was while I was working a day job and mothering a six-year-old boy, so believe me, I know how hard it can be to even think about making changes to the everyday routine.

Here are the first two new habits that changed my daily life from Chaos to Order:

  • 1. Always put keys, spectacles and such in one spot.

Keep an attractive bowl near the front door and empty your pockets or bag into it as soon as you get  home. Later, you will transfer the items to where they belong. A good idea is to choose a smallish bowl  without any lid, so you won't be tempted to let things pile up.

  • 2. Streamline your wardrobe, linen closet and kitchen cupboards.

Pull out all those clothes you haven't worn for years, the fancy linens you got as wedding gifts and  never use, the gadgets and utensils that haven't seen the light of day since you acquired them. Be  ruthless! Clean anything that needs it, pack it all up, and send it to your favourite charity. Now, you have space to keep everything in plain sight, easily found and ready when needed.

Next time, I'll show you how, just as I did, you can overcome the complaint: 'I have nowhere to paint.'

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