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Blog posts : "Painting in Oils"

The worst part of Painting on Linen

Linen canvas has one infuriating drawback. It bounces! In this regard, it's the worst. So, how to deal with it? Discover an easy DIY fix.

Once you're accustomed to painting on linen, it's impossibl…

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Many New Artists Believe Painting on Linen is Only for the Old Masters.

bouncing ball

In today's world, cheap, quick and easy are bywords. Painting on Linen is seen as too costly and difficult. Find out why you should consider it.The best of the 'Old Masters' painted in oils on linen…

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When a Good Oil Painting Goes Bad, is There a Cure?


Even experienced artists can tell a horror story of getting stuck half-way through a new painting. I can still recall that heart-sick feeling when you know: ' this painting just isn't working.' Wo…

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An artist's life without paint-tubes

In times past, simply making up a day's worth of paint required a cost in effort and time few of us would be prepared to pay. If you will, imagine yourself as the sixteen-year-old Leonardo, in the stu…

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Avoid Danger with Black and Make Magic with four Extra Pigments in your Paintings

When I first set out to get my training, representational painting was out of style among the art educators of this country. In fact, one lecturer stated that the true history of painting began in New…

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How to gain control over the colours that can wreck your paintings and make magic with four other...

One advantage of the simple palette is the development of colour mixtures as unique to you as your handwriting. A second, and most useful one, is gaining control over those pigments that are notorious…

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How to Go Beyond the Rainbow using Colour Mixes

Accurate colour mixing is like baking a cake. It is as simple, and as precise, as that. You need a list of ingredients and a recipe, or method, to follow. After that, it's just a science anyone can le…

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