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LifeStory 3.Sugarcane Kingdom

Sugarcane,oils on linen,Gauvin


 Sugarcane Kingdom 

Oils on Linen  91.5 x 122 cms (36 x 48 ins)  In a private collection

Before seeing his property, I asked this quiet farmer to describe it. His usual reserve melted as he talked about the land with obvious love and pride. Jokingly I asked: "So this was your kingdom?" The look in his eyes said it all; and gave me the title for his portrait.  In the valley, fire races through the ripe crop, preparatory to harvest. Near the stubble field, we see the farmer who, at seventy, still green-cut his own planting cane. Horses that he remembered with affection from early days pull a cultivator, 'supervised' by his handsome Scottish deerhound.

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