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news from Dorothy Gauvin15 August 2013_  The artist has returned to the easel...more to come in a few days.

19 August 2013_It's near the end of Winter as I tap this news onto the keyboard, in my studio at Cairns in the Tropical North of Australia. Sunshine floods the slice of rainforest I see through the glass doors. On the easel, a canvas awaits final touches. Another canvas leans against the racks, bearing a rough composition in charcoal. I've decided this must be exchanged for a better idea, still only a dim-lit outline in my mind's eye. It may read like an ordinary day in any artist's life but for me this day is a wondrous milestone.

You see, that still-developing composition in charcoal will become the final painting in my long-planned attempt at translating into images the words of 'Waltzing Matilda.' The series will comprise 14 large oils on linen. Fourteen paintings that seemed fated to remain only in my read more, please click here

31 October 2013_It's been a great month for me, working on the website, putting into action some of the ideas and advice I've gleaned from other professionals. I'm grateful to them all. To see some of the results, click here for the newest addition - pages from my album of photos of paintings-in-the-making, along with their models. Hope you'll enjoy!

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 An original oil painting by Dorothy Gauvin is available for private resale by the present owner
for all details and an image please click here
Gentleman Jim and the Larrikins