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Australian artist-author Dorothy Gauvin


Personal Story


I'm passionate about Story – to me, the foundation of all Art. I grew up in Sydney and on the Darling Downs with my parents, brother and two sisters. At seventeen, the only 'blind date' of my life resulted in meeting The Bloke who still holds my heart. He was the reason for my final relocation - to the tropical paradise of Cairns, near the Great Barrier Reef.

My other passion is for learning.
A bower-bird instinct for seeking out facts, combines with a squirrel's instinct for tucking them away for later use. If I ever resort to using an 'avatar' I guess it'll be: a brush-tail possum with improbable beak and wings, scrambling up a gumtree to its hoard of bright blue objects.

At age 25, I was officially diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. To avoid passing it on, I decided our one son was all the family we needed – it's lucky he turned out to be a perfect child (ahem!) and then a truly good man.

Currently, I'm working on a second novel, while I await full recovery of my painting hand from unexpected ulnar nerve damage after a total elbow replacement in March 2010. Please wish me luck with that!

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