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re-sale painting

An original oil painting by Dorothy Gauvin

available for private resale


Gentleman Jim and the Larrikins

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oils on canvas ( linen )  91.5 x 122 cms ( 36 x 48 ins )

published as Plate No. 25  in

Banjo Paterson's People pub. 1987, 1996

                                                    The owners offer this painting and several other Gauvin originals in their Collection. 
                                                    Included in the offering are some in smaller sizes and some of the purely Landscape 
                                                                                                  pictures, rare in my body of work.

Prospective buyers are invited to contact me with your expression of interest.

As arranged with the current owners of the painting, I'll then supply the contacts

-  phone, e-mail or postal - by which you can negotiate directly with them.

As I'm no longer in business as a dealer in my paintings, my role in this transaction

will be only as a confidential go-between, putting the two parties in contact with each other.

Therefore, no fee or payment of any kind will be sought by me from either party.

Dorothy Gauvin