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 In his respected blog on 'Lines and Colors', Charley Parker advises artists to post an outline of their working methods on their websites. This idea impressed me as another way of helping  beginners and our fellow artists.

As I pondered how to go about it, a memory was triggered: long ago I'd made a [physical] album of photos along with my hand-written captions. It shows the folks who modelled for my paintings, places I'd travelled to for locale research and some of the tools, costumes, furniture and equipment used to 'flesh out' the paintings.

Today, I scanned some of the pages from that memento to share online. To start it off, there's a photo of the very last sketch my hands were capable of making on a small scale. This is a study for the painting 'In the Eulo Queen's Pub' taken in my previous studio, as I worked on the 'Banjo Paterson's People' Series that was published in the first of my illustrated books. Beside this [on the easel] is one of the paintings that came on tour in California in 1985.

In the 'New Studio' shot, you'll see the corner of another painting from that series, 'The Joke's Over' framed and ready for the gallery. I'm standing beside my 8-foot long glass palette and behind, in the office area, is Beth, then-Secretary, always Friend, who also modelled for 'Billabong Dreaming.' You'll see her also in my first Cairns gallery.

Lots more to come, so...
If you enjoy these pictures or find them helpful in sparking new ideas for your own artwork, do send me an email or leave a comment below. Thanks and Happy painting!

8 October 2013. I've added 'Awaiting the Verdict.' This painting is my interpretation of a scene from 'Banjo' Paterson's famous poem 'The Man from Snowy River.'  Champion rider Clancy tries to convince the Boss to give the youngster a chance at catching the prized stallion that got away with the wild brumbies.

Here you can see the radical changes I made to the drawing so as to increase the dramatic qualities of the composition. The painting's still in my possession since I feel it deserves to survive but hasn't been offered for sale because I've never been sure enough that it succeeded.

What do you think?

I'd really like to hear your opinion on this, I mean it. You don't have to pull your punches...


13 November 2013

'Caught!' Oils on Linen 76 x 91 cms In a private Collection

PS: Models for 'the Lovers' really were married and 'Dad' was the daring young man's real-life father. We all had a lot of fun during the sessions.

 10 January 2014

On the Album Paintings page, I've added some more images of the completed paintings:

'Australia Past and Future'

'Billabong Dreaming'

'The Proposal'