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Your Career in Art – The Creative Power of Silence

angels bearing ideas

Art is made in silence and in solitude. If your attention is contantly distracted by people or devices, your creative Muse will go offline.

Upfront, I should clarify what I mean by the word 'Muse.'…

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Committing Yourself to a Career in Art


Mona Lisa, Leonardo

One fine day, you put down your brush for the very last time as a hobby painter. You stand, frozen in a moment of revelation, hearing these words in your mind: 'I am an artist.' A lightning stri…

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Art Collectors – Who are They and What do They Want?

collectors are all different

Art collectors are hard to categorise. Their tastes, selections, motivations and budgets are as varied as those of any other random group of people. The only connection between one art collector and…

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Originality in art – is it fact or fallacy?

'There is no new thing under the sun.'

Just a minute ago, I checked to be sure I got that famous quote right... I keep a copy of the books of the most popular religions in my library, so I checked t…

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How can I come up with my own Style in Art?

One really good way to work out what you want to paint is to think about what you don't like, both in subject matter and in style.

If it were possible for you to read every book written about, say, R…

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'I never had any proper art training.'

You needn't let that worry you. Many famous names in the history of Art had little or no formal training. Neither had I, at the time I committed to a life as an artist. Here are the three facts you ne…

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'I could never fit Art in with my day job.'

The third most common reason for not becoming the artist you always wanted to be: 'I could never fit Art in with my day job.'

You've seen elephants 'painting' with their trunks and chimpanzees making '…

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