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This is the Most Enduring Inspiration to Keep You Painting

January 24, 2015

Australia is a young nation

Wherever your Homeland, your country's National Day kindles patriotic emotions. Artists in every place and era express these feelings in painting, music and poetry.

Patriotism means a simple, heart…

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A Love Story to Make You a better Artist?

November 8, 2014

deep purple Bouganvillea

A Love Story to Make You a better Artist?

Like the lover who stays loyal, long after passion is spent,

colour clasps the painter in an endless embrace of eternal fascination.

Colour surrounds us…

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Capture and Store Your Inspirations

October 31, 2013

Infinite possiblities

Those 'flashes' of inspiration come in an instant but go just as fast unless you grab hold of them. Here's the easy way to do it...

Your best works of art can arise from a single, fleeting impressi…

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How to Go Beyond the Rainbow using Colour Mixes

February 4, 2012

Accurate colour mixing is like baking a cake. It is as simple, and as precise, as that. You need a list of ingredients and a recipe, or method, to follow. After that, it's just a science anyone can le…

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