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One of the 3 Faces of Love in Famous Paintings Features on Valentine's Day

Valentine kisses in lipstick


Love, as a subject for artists, remains as popular today as in ages past. Variations include two forms you seldom see in visual art...

Art agrees with philosophy on the 3 major forms of l…

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Your Career in Art - Which Medium is the Best?


The medium you choose defines you in the view of gallery directors and art collectors. It can make or break your chance to succeed.

Beginner artists often shy away from painting in oils. Like e…

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How to Bounce Back from Painter's Block

Alternative art formWe've all heard of 'writer's block.' Painters struggle to overcome the same kind of difficulty.

When a painter can't be painting, what can s/he do?
Every artist faces setbacks that bring work to a st…

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Many New Artists Believe Painting on Linen is Only for the Old Masters.

bouncing ball

In today's world, cheap, quick and easy are bywords. Painting on Linen is seen as too costly and difficult. Find out why you should consider it.The best of the 'Old Masters' painted in oils on linen…

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Painting is Easy

detail_Gauvin oil painting

Few will ever try painting a horse or a sunset. Yet they'll know your painting is 'wrong.'   How can you get the knowledge needed when...

For whatever reason, you didn't go to University or Art Sch…

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What is good art and can seeing it help you paint original, new art?

Dorothy Gauvin artist,author

Like everyone else, as you begin your life as an artist, you 'don't know much about Art but you know what you like.' Sure, the old sayings get that way because they hold a truth.

So, it follows: t…

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When a Good Oil Painting Goes Bad, is There a Cure?


Even experienced artists can tell a horror story of getting stuck half-way through a new painting. I can still recall that heart-sick feeling when you know: ' this painting just isn't working.' Wo…

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What's Wrong with Your Picture?

mona lisa,Leonardo,ArtLife,Gauvin  Nothing is more frustrating then to stare at the piece you've spent days or weeks working on, only to realise it's just not right. It happens to all of us in the early stages of becoming a professi…

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How to gain control over the colours that can wreck your paintings and make magic with four other...

One advantage of the simple palette is the development of colour mixtures as unique to you as your handwriting. A second, and most useful one, is gaining control over those pigments that are notorious…

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